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Some of the most important issues facing the world today, such as how to end poverty worldwide and improve the environment, may be addressed through economics.


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A Shared Future At ABSU

Our overarching goal is to create a dynamic and encouraging academic environment that fosters the production of transformational and creative economic research, has a long-lasting influence on economic policy, and encourages and supports the next generation of scholars and leaders.

What we Do

Why Study Economics at ABSU

because it goes beyond dy/dx. A top-notch economic education is just one of the numerous options that are waiting for you, along with a rich past, a strong present, and a plan for the future.

Conducive Learning Environment

We ensure a serene atmosphere because of its positive effect on student’s performance

Hands-on Learning

We believe the best way to learn is to guide students on how to blend theory and real-life scenarios

Professional Lecturers

Our lecturers raise the bar in their approach to imparting knowledge

State-of-the-art Research Centres

Our scholars have access to cutting-edge facilities to empower learning and development

The ABSU economics department is a huge tent, large enough to house a variety of people working in a variety of subjects, including finance, economic history, behavioral economics, political economy, and many more. It’s challenging to do so anyplace else, yet our staff and students mix these subjects in novel ways.


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