Welcome Message from the HOD

Welcome Address of the Head of Department of Economics, Abia State University

Dear Members of the Abia State University Economics Community:

I am deeply honored to assume the position of the Head of the Economics Department at Abia State University. It is with great enthusiasm that I join this esteemed community and follow in the footsteps of the remarkable individuals who have held this position before me. Having been a part of this community for the past 30 years, I can attest to the exceptional caliber of individuals that make up this department. The exchange of brilliant ideas has always thrived within our halls and seminar rooms, and I am delighted to announce that we will soon reconvene in person, returning to our beloved building after August 2. While technology has enabled us to connect virtually, there is no substitute for the richness of face-to-face interactions.

My aspiration is for our undergraduates at Abia State University to recognize the immense power of economics in analyzing and transforming our world. Economics has traditionally attracted students interested in finance and management consulting, and I take great pride in that fact. However, our faculty members explore a much broader range of topics, spanning from political engagement in East Asia to racial disparities in America, and from gender dynamics in the modern workplace to the intricate workings of market economies in the 21st century. Our undergraduate students have written theses encompassing an astonishing array of subjects, including the analysis of America’s trillion-dollar Paycheck Protection Program, the impact of rural roads in India, the study of far-right politics in the U.K., and the examination of solar panels in relation to climate change. Personally, I am captivated by the study of cities, from Los Angeles to Lusaka, with their profound virtues and glaring flaws.

If you possess an interest in environmental policies or combating global poverty, economics is the field for you. If you are curious about the causes of inequality in America or the economic growth in China, economics offers the answers you seek. If you yearn to comprehend both the strengths and weaknesses of market economies, economics will be your guide. These market economies enable incredible technological advancements while also perpetuating harmful forms of discrimination. To effect positive change, we must first understand the global economy. I am particularly passionate about ensuring that every undergraduate student has the opportunity to engage in genuine economic research by working as a paid research assistant for a faculty member. I urge you to make the most of our programs in this area.

To our graduate students, I hope you discover the joy of economic research. There are few rewards as gratifying as grasping a new idea or uncovering a previously unknown fact. In economics, the boundaries are limitless; let your imaginations soar. Additionally, remember that we are a social species that thrives in the presence of intelligent peers. Our department is incredibly fortunate to have graduate students from an astonishing array of countries and cultures. We are even more fortunate that our graduate students have consistently viewed this diversity as an asset to be cherished and nurtured.

Abia State University Economics Department is your academic home. Return to it as soon as circumstances permit. We eagerly anticipate seeing you walking through its corridors and hearing your vibrant discussions in our seminar rooms. Share your research with us frequently, particularly in its early stages, when questions are still taking shape. Foster meaningful relationships with your fellow students and ensure that you provide support to the students you teach in your sections. Never forget that it is an extraordinary privilege to educate Abia State University undergraduates. My door is always open to you. If you encounter any challenges, I encourage you to approach me sooner rather than later. As some of you may already know, I am passionate about advocating for your well-being. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our partners: the dedicated staff members who enable the smooth functioning of our department. Their unwavering dedication and professionalism play an integral role in cultivating a thriving academic community. If there is any way in which I can enhance your experiences, please do not hesitate to let me know.

The Abia State University Economics Department embodies a spirit of profound intellectual ideas and human kindness. It has contributed groundbreaking theorems, econometric methodologies, and policy recommendations that have been implemented by governments worldwide. At the core of our department’s DNA lies a belief that the study of economics holds the potential to address many of the most pressing challenges faced by humanity. I share this conviction, and I sincerely hope that you do as well.


Warm regards,

Mr. Iheanacho Eugene

Head of the Economics Department

Abia State University

The ABSU economics department is a huge tent, large enough to house a variety of people working in a variety of subjects, including finance, economic history, behavioral economics, political economy, and many more. It’s challenging to do so anyplace else, yet our staff and students mix these subjects in novel ways.



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